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Public relations and marketing for Baltimore.

Available areas of expertise.


Marketing is one of the most important things a business or organization can do to promote growth, but it often takes a back seat to the more pressing needs of day-to-day operations. Merchant Professional Services will provide the marketing skills to assess your businesses needs, and develop a plan based on your strengths and abilities and target appropriate areas and demographics.


For growing businesses, advertising, while obviously valuable, is often an imposing expense. I have experience in creating and managing advertising campaigns for a variety of budgets, from small Facebook promotions, to multi-thousand dollar broadcast commercials. I will help find the appropriate medium for your advertising needs and budget, and facilitate the creation of an attention-grabbing campaign.

copy writing

Every business needs copy at some point. I will generate that copy for you quickly and affordably so that you can focus on the more important aspects of running your business. Whether it be for newsletters, website content, or promotional materials, I will provide high-quality copy for your needs.

public relations

My extensive experience in media relations will ensure that your business receives the attention it deserves in print, television, radio, and internet exposure. I maintain numerous contacts with key individuals in the Baltimore press to facilitate exposure for my clients.  Every business has a story, and I will find what your story is and what makes you interesting, and present it through targeted pitches and press releases to appropriate media. Talking to media can be unnerving, but as with most things, practice and preparation make it easier. I will train you or your chosen representative on how to deal with media, and prepare you with mock interviews to practice.

event planning and promotion

Everyone likes a good party, and I have thrown many in my time. Whether it's a small happy hour with potential clients, or a raging festival, I will help you plan, organize, and promote your event to ensure it's success. My experience includes the yearly Bit Gen Gamer Fest, which annually draws crowds of over 500 people.

ghost writing

Tell your story through me. My ghost writing services will allow you to convey your stories and ideas without worrying about the process of composition.

Social media

No business is complete without a robust and active social media presence. I have extensive experience in creating interesting and compelling social media content that will drive users to your pages and grow your following on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. I will evaluate your current practices, and provide insights on how to improve, or operate your social media presence across various platforms for you. 

crisis management

Sometimes, things go wrong. That happens to everybody, but what will define your business in the minds of the public is how you respond to problems. I will help you prepare for these situations by evaluating potential crises that could occur and coaching you on appropriate responses, as well as providing ready-to-go statements that will allow you to get on top of issues and manage the conversation.

editing and proofreading

Everyone can benefit from an extra pair of eyes on important documents. I offer nearly 10 years of composition expertise and a keen eye for detail that will ensure your writing is the best it can be and free of errors before it goes out the door.